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Forms / Weapons Forms

  1. Patterns / Forms / Kata

    1. Presentation

      1. Each competitor will be called by name and present themselves to the judges.

      2. Competitors will enter from the rear of the ring.

      3. Competitors will bow to the judges and introduce themselves and ask permission to begin.

        1. Suggested format for introduction: “Judges, my name is ______.  I represent insert school name.  My form is _______.  With your permission I will begin.”

      4. Competitors will arrange themselves as needed within the ring, assume their “ready” position and begin their form when ready.

      5. Upon completion of their form, competitors will return to their “ready” position to receive their score.

      6. After receiving their score, competitors will bow to the judges and exit the ring in a respectful manner.

    2. Scoring

      1. Forms will NOT be judged on “correctness.”  We should not expect a Tae Kwon Do practitioner to judge a Kung Fu form for accuracy, or vice versa.  As such, Forms will be judged on the following criteria.

        1. Confidence/Poise – how you present yourself.  Eye contact, posture, ect...

        2. Power

        3. Balance

        4. Flow – does the competitor move from one technique to the next, or do they stop to think

        5. Technique

      2. Competitors will be allowed one restart.  Only the second attempt will be judged.  (Does not apply for Black Belts.  Black Belts get 1 attempt.)

      3. Points will be awarded on a scale of 6 – 10.  Half points may be used.

        1. 6 = Unable to Finish

        2. 6.5 – 8.5 = Average

        3. 9 – 10 = Exceptional

    3. Tie Breaker

      1. If a tie exits for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place

      2. The competitors who are tied will be called up and notified of the tie.

      3. Both competitors will perform their form again.  (separately, not side by side)

      4. Once both competitors have finished they will be called to the center of the ring.

      5. At the head judges command all ring judges will point to the winner of the tie breaker.

      6. Loser of the tie break will take the next lowest ranking and everyone below them will move down a ranking.

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