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School Updates

Hall’s Traditional Tae Kwon Do

June 2024 Update


Hello parents and Students,

            The first half of 2024 has flown by.  The students have all been working hard and I’ve seen some great progress.  Thank you for supporting their efforts and making sure they get to class on time.

            I would like to reiterate it is important for students to be on time.  The first several minutes of class we warm up the joints and muscles and take a little bit of time to socialize.  This social time is important as it allows the students to tell me whatever is on their mind so they can be mentally ready to work hard and learn.  Equally important is picking students up on time, because the next class deserves all my attention as well.

            Thank you to everyone who helped with and competed at Spar Wars!  Overall participation doubled this year vs last year.  The bigger the tournament grows, the better the competition and more equal the divisions become.  We had 173 competitors this year compared to 92 last year.  I’m already looking for a larger venue next year and working with other Master Instructors to see how we can be a bit more efficient during the day.  We, Hall’s TKD, had an excellent showing and I believe everyone who competed won something. 

            Students ask when their next test is, and I always answer, “when you’re ready.”  With that in mind, I expect another round of testing in August and September.  Overall, everyone has done outstanding with many compliments from guest judges.  I attend other tests around the nation as a judge and, without any bias, I can say our students are among the best at their ranks.  Next spring/summer we should have our first round of Hall’s TKD students testing for Black Belt.  Statistics show 1 out of every 10,000 students who start a martial art earns their black belt.  Earning a Black Belt is a huge accomplishment.

            Lastly, the school will grow a little bit over the summer.  I limit the number of people based on space and have not started a new student since last December.  I’ve had a waiting list with some families waiting over 8 months for a spot to open.  To reduce class sizes, admit a few new students, and continue to give the individual attention the way I feel is correct, the schedule will change starting July.  Please look to see where your students fit in and when their class will be.  This change will be good for everyone and will improve the instruction your student receives.

            As always reference the website for the schedule, and training videos for the students.

Thank you again,

Master Douglas Hall

New Class Schedule Starting 1 July

July 2024.jpg

New Class Schedule Starting 1 September

Sept 2024.jpg
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