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Our Programs

Our main focus is teaching the full art of Tae Kwon Do.

By that we mean we concentrate on all aspects equally: Physical and Mental Fitness, Character Building, Technique, Stances, Kicks, Forms, Sparring and Self-Defense.

Master Hall is very cognizant that Tae Kwon Do is based on martial arts that were refined during centuries of actual combat.  As such we do not teach a sport, but we do teach sportsmanship! 


We focus on practical and proven application with the goal of developing individuals who are confident in their ability to defend themselves should the need ever arise.  

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Tae Kwon Do

In general we keep classes small and with similar skill levels.  Adults and kids don't share class times, unless a family is training together and wants to be in the same class.

Classes are either small group (no more than 10 class members) or private.  

Classes run no more than 1hr on school nights.  Summer and weekends have gone for up to 2hrs.  Sometimes we just have so much fun, it is hard to stop!

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Master Hall has been teaching specialized Self-Defense clinics since 2006.  We realize not everyone has time to commit to a full Martial Arts program, but still want to learn to defend themselves.  To meet that need we offer the following 2 courses:

Women's Self-Defense

Specifically designed with ladies in mind.  Geared towards prevention and defense of assault.  This class is great for mothers and daughters looking to bond or anyone looking to add some peace of mind.


A class for everyone.  Great for parents with teens worried about bullies or school violence.  Simple and practical techniques for almost all situations.

All self-defense courses run for 5 weeks and are scheduled for 1 night each week for an hour.

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