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  1. Participation

    1. Minimum of 3 members

    2. Maximum of 15 members

    3. No rank or age requirements

    4. Schools may enter as many teams as desired.

      1. Members may only compete on 1 team.

    5. May wear any uniform desired, but not street clothes

    6. All team members must be from the same school

  2. Time Requirements

    1. Minimum of 2 minutes

    2. Maximum of 5 minutes

    3. Time starts when the demo starts, or the music starts

  3. General Information

    1. Entertain the audience using a display of martial arts skills.

      1. Forms or Kata’s

      2. Self-Defense Techniques

      3. Board Breaking

      4. Weapons

      5. Any combination of the above.  It’s your demo, do what you want.

    2. Entering the Ring

      1. Whole team enters when called, just like for Forms

      2. Team gives its introduction and team captain asks permission to begin.

      3. Team then arranges its self for the demo and begins.

    3. Props

      1. All/any “knives” or “guns” must be props.  Preferably rubber.

      2. No dangerous props.

      3. Bladed weapons must be dull edged.

      4. Demo boards or real boards.

      5. Team provides all its own boards, props, weapons.

  4. Music

    1. Music is optional.

    2. Tournament will provide a speaker.

      1. Expect either a bluetooth or headphone type jack.

      2. CD player will not be available.  Bring one if you need it.

    3. All music must be appropriate for all ages.

      1. Music with foul or abusive lyrics will be turned off.

      2. Team using such music will be disqualified.

  5. Judging

    1. Based on the following criteria

      1. Presentation

      2. Entertainment value

      3. Smooth transitions between elements of the demo

      4. Synchronization

      5. Technical Merit

      6. Difficulty Level

    2. Scores will be from 5 to 10 using 0.5 increments.

    3. In case of a tie judges will confer amongst themselves and declare a winner.  Teams will not perform a second time.

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